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I always wanted to do a job that would make people happy.Running a restaurant, you are directly exposed to your customers’happy faces,and that is what motivated me to enter the restaurant business.
Even though we have over 1200 restaurants,each restaurant has its own customers, who all want to have a good time there,so it has become even more important that we maintain and execute our original philosophy of “Kando Sozo” at every single store, to put a smile on every single customer’s face. Achieving this ideal is the most important thing for me.

The philosophy of “Kando Sozo” means to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences.This philosophy is well understood across all of Reins’ stores including the ones outside of Japan.We are currently working to expand Gyu-Kaku restaurants around the world.We hope to share everything we have with customers around the world,to put smiles on all of their faces,and to have more and more people experience the best of Japanese culinary culture.