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Gyu-Kaku: Yakiniku Restaurant

Reins boasts the largest Yakiniku Restaurant chain network in Japan with over 600 restaurants.

Unlike traditional Yakiniku restaurants, we have developed a new style of Yakiniku restaurant in order to provide high-quality services and low-price Yakiniku to a wide range of customers. We have also tapped overseas markets aggressively, running more than 36 branches in 6 countries and regions.

What is “Yakiniku” ?

Yakiniku, meaning “Grilled Meat,” which is a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat and vegetables over a charcoal or gas burner grill.

Menu of “Gyu-Kaku”

Gyu-Kaku, the origin of Reins' restaurant chains, has commitment to and pride in fresh foodstuffs. The Gyu-Kaku chain pursues "restaurants that offer good food at reasonable prices with excellent atmosphere/services," and customers can enjoy various menu items such as barbecue (not only meat but also vegetables and seafood), desserts and drinks.

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